About us

About us

The Cat Hotel Ermitage Küsnacht was founded by Janete A. Trueb on 02 April 2008. The goal of setting ourselves apart from “conventional” pet boarding facilities is what guarantees our success:

Warm and loving care in a wonderful environment…

The Cat Hotel is in the trade register of the canton of Zurich and is registered with the Swiss Veterinary Office. It is attended and supervised by veterinarians.

Janete acquired her practical and theoretical skills through years of close co-operation and exchange with the best vets in Switzerland and Brazil. Alongside her training in keeping and caring for animals Janete rounded off her education by working to preserve the environment in Brazil.

Janete thanks the generous sponsors from the region, who helped her to realise her “Cat Hotel for the Zurich Gold Coast” project.

Since early on in her childhood Janete learned how to handle and care for the widest range of animals. As well as cats Janete looked after monkeys, dogs, parrots and all kinds of reptiles. Within a short space of time she was able to build a good reputation amongst her sophisticated clientele.

Janete is now an official partner of the Fundación Benasis and energetically supports various projects in Costa Rica. The Fundación Benasis is dedicated to the reintegration and release of wild animals into their natural habitat. The project “Bosque Eterno de los Niños” is dedicated to the conservation of nature, the preservation and rehabilitation of the tropical ecosystem in Costa Rica.

For more information about the Fundación Benasis in Costa Rica please contact our team.

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